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Achieving excellence in scientific research in the areas of business and economic sciences at the local and regional level.



Provide an environment of a distinguished scientific research by encouraging and supporting research to meet national needs, and contribute to community service through the provision of financial and administrative knowledge to government and private institutions.



Research Center seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • (1) Encourage and support faculty members and graduate students in conducting theoretical and applied research.
  • (2) Encourage and Conduct research publications in the fields of administrative, economic, financial, accounting and management information systems.
  • (3) encourages and supports the authoring and translation of books.
  • (4) Provide economic and financial advice to government and other institutions
  • (5) Cooperation with government agencies and institutions to conduct research and field studies and other practical side of the Saudi society
  • (6) initiate conferences, seminars, workshops, and public lectures to raise researcher awareness of issues associated with business research

Research Projects Funded

Research projects are supported, annually, for all faculty members from two main sources:

(A) from the university through the annual program posed by the Deanship of Scientific Research.
(B) from outside the university through the annual program posed of:

  • 1 - King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.
  • 2 - Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).

Research Center

& Human Resources Development

College of Business & Economics


The Research Center at the College of Business and Economics was established in 1983, to support scientific research and community service, which aims to enrich the science and knowledge in the areas of  business and economic development.


Board of Directors

Board of directors consists of Chairman of the Board (Director of the Centre) and four faculty members from different disciplines at the college. The Council of the Center to consider all matters related thereto, including: review and evaluate research projects of faculty members within university and researchers outside university , and follow-up implementation of these projects, study and follow-up reports from the Council of the Deanship of Scientific Research, and review all matters relating to research bulletin center, where the Board is the scientific body of this newsletter.


Research Bulletin Center

The Research Bulletin is a way for researchers to publish their latest results or to criticize and discuss the research results that published previously. In addition, the publication of research is required to upgrade the faculty member. The Center accepts researches on all business area. All submissions will be subjected to thorough reviewing by two or three experts in the relevant field.


Activities of The Center

  • (1) published several scientific research under the name of the Research Bulletin Center.
  • (2) completed several Authored and Translated books.
  • (3) held a number of seminars and public lectures, and a number of training courses.

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